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Mesa Airlines’ Long and Eventful History

Author: Dennis Reynolds

A Few Fascinating Facts About Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines took their one-aircraft company to a fleet of sixty aircraft in just ten short years. The decade of the 1980s was the first for this new airline, and they worked exceedingly hard to expand their business operations.

Collaboration was the key factor in the 90's, allowing two venturous companies to merge and have great consequences. Mesa Airlines is not so unusual; they just took advantage of the moment. Let's examine Mesa Airlines with a little more detail and uncover a more complete picture.

If you're reading about Mesa Airlines you'll undoubtedly see the name Mesa Group spring up as well and they are both related. Mesa Group are ready to get on with their operations despite only just emerging from bankruptcy this year. The reason for them entering into the Chapter 11 bankruptcy was to get rid of unneeded planes and to cut their debt. Three months was all it took for the group to complete their bankruptcy proceedings. That is perhaps the least amount of time any airline has spent in Chapter 11 bankruptcy court.

United Express was created when Mesa Airlines created additional partnerships. This is another example of a code share with guaranteed revenue, and this is fairly standard in the airline industry. United Express has a fleet of planes, which are Bombardier CRJ-700's, operating from two different airports in Chicago. A number of airlines working for Mesa Air Group, including United Express, are simply sub-brands of Mesa.

Sometimes it can get confusing when trying to keep track of all the code shares and mergers among airlines, especially smaller regional carriers. This is how commerce is handled with an aviation firm.

America West Airlines, an airline allied with Mesa, blended with US Airways. Mesa is somewhat coupled with the US Airways Group due to the code share contract. That particular arrangement allows Mesa to exist as US Airways Express due to yet another code share agreement. In the end, Mesa is able to keep its objective and gainful transporting service.

When Mesa had finished the bankruptcy proceedings their finances were in good standing. Since doing this, Mesa Airways have been able to continue making a profit. To make sure that valuable people with experience are running Mesa, they have drafted in important management personnel.
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