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Mesa Airlines - A Dazzling Prospect with Creative Innovations

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines - A Dazzling Prospect with Creative Innovations

Airlines aren't strangers to problems so it's no surprise to hear that Mesa Airlines’ history is littered with struggles. There are many other airlines that have confronted issues along the way. Many have failed and just a few have been able to survive. However, Mesa is different from other companies because they are a perfect example of using leverage. What this means is they are willing to create alliances with some of the big players in the industry. Thanks to this approach they have been able to ride the choppy sea of unpredictable economic times. The following article contains facts and information about Mesa Airlines.

Mesa Airlines, associated with the Mesa Air Group, is opening up opportunities for prospective pilots who are achieving their flying wings. One course drafted to supply a wealth of information, as well as earning the necessary certificates, would be the Mesa Pilot Development program.

An even more productive outcome may be accomplished due to the joint efforts of Mesa and Arizona State combined. Students attending Arizona State, after achieving a four year Bachelor degree, will also have earned the required pilot documents. At this point, the nominee will be afforded a consultation with the Mesa Air Group for the standing of copilot, or First Officer. From 1989 to 1998 Mesa Airlines had around eight separate airlines. Mesa Airlines was smart to use code sharing agreements with the other airlines. A code share is simply a legal agreement, between two different airlines, in which they provide service for each others' passengers when necessary. Whenever this occurs the airlines must split profits. A lot of the time code sharing leads to acquisitions and mergers between airlines. Mesa Airlines entered their first code share just two years after getting started in business.

Everyone has heard of United Airlines, and it was with this major airline that Mesa entered into an agreement in 2003. The substance of this code share allowed for entry into service operations originating from O'Hare airport in Chicago, Washington-Dulles and Denver. A new sub-brand airline, called United Express Airlines, was conceived from this deal. As of now, only Bombardier aircraft are being used in the United Express fleet. The Dash 8 aircraft were officially removed from operations by the end of 2009.

When Mesa had finished the bankruptcy proceedings their finances were in good standing. Because Mesa have a wide range of operations all along the USA they have ensured they keep making a profit. In addition, they have sought to bring key management personnel back into the company since they have valuable experience with Mesa.
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