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Mesa Airlines - The Road To A Prosperous Partnership

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Interesting Facts About Mesa Airlines

Being rewarded with a regiment of planes in a measly 10 years is quite an accomplishment after starting out with a single plane. With hard work and exemplary effort, this airline applied the necessary energy during the 1980's to get the job done.

Perseverance was awarded in the 1990's by the development of enterprise which offered greater opportunity for advancement. Taking benefits when they are apparent is the only option, which Mesa saw as well as many other airlines. By taking a thorough glimpse into Mesa Airlines, you will be availed of a more detailed view.

Both Mesa Group and Mesa Airlines are part of the same company, so it's not uncommon to see the two names being used synonymously. Only recently this year did the Mesa Group come out of bankruptcy, however they are now ready to continue their operations. Chapter 11 bankruptcy was declared by them so that they were able to shift some planes that were no longer needed, in addition to reducing their debt. The amazing thing is that they were only in the bankruptcy period for roughly three months. This is most likely the shortest amount of time any airline has ever been in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy court.

Mesa's code sharing agreement led to the airline United Express being created. The airline industry regularly sees code sharing agreements happen, because they are ways to guarantee income. The two hubs where United Express operate from are located at Chicago's O'Hare airport and the Washington-Dulles airport. United Express, and a number of other airlines, operate under the Mesa Group.

For three months, from January 2011 to the end of March 2011, Mesa went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This is probably the smallest amount of time an airline has ever been in bankruptcy for. The company was able to eliminate one hundred excess aircraft along with the leases for those aircraft. The action Mesa took was very strategic because it allowed them to be free of the debt the aircraft had attached to them. As well as doing this Mesa was able to change the finance for both their Dash 8 aircraft and their CRJ200's. Decreasing their long term debt, which was caused by prolonged leases, was the effect of their actions. The Mesa Airlines story is often similar to most airlines that have come from very humble origins. In order to make an airline truly successful you must spend a lot of time on it. The profit margins of airlines are often much lower than most businesses would expect. However the people who do this sort of thing know and understand the risks beforehand. Mesa's history reflects how any business has to respond to economic challenges and work with available industry resources to sustain profitability and expand.
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