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The Long History of Mesa Airlines

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines - The Long and Winding Road

Mesa Airlines is a story of struggle and survival which is really not all that unusual for an airline. There are others that have encountered similar hardships. A handful have coped with them, but a great number have succumbed to the hardships. But Mesa is rather different from these other airlines because they used leverage. This just means that they are willing to do deals and create partnerships with other industry players. The outcome of this fearless approach to business is the ability to weather the ups and downs of economic times. In the following article you'll find some fascinating information regarding Mesa Airlines.

The Mesa Air Group is the parent company of Mesa Airlines, and it has additional fleets of regional carriers. The Mesa Group consists of almost three thousand aviation professionals, and they serve throughout the US. The number of aircraft they have is at 87, and they fly between multiple destinations in the USA. This also includes Hawaii. 465 Mesa flights depart each day from just under 100 different locations, which include Canada and Mexico. When Mesa Airlines started they had just 1 aircraft, so to make over $1 billion each year in revenue is an amazing achievement.

United Express was created when Mesa Airlines created additional partnerships. This is another example of a code share with guaranteed revenue, and this is fairly standard in the airline industry. Bombardier CRJ700's are the aircraft of choice for United Express, and they have 2 hubs in Washington-Dulles airport and the O'Hare airport in Chicago. A number of airlines working for Mesa Air Group, including United Express, are simply sub-brands of Mesa.

The terrible events that happened in NY on September 11, 2001 put a lot of strain on the airline industry. A number of airlines had to rush to get bankruptcy protection in the aftermath of the attacks. Mesa Airlines reacted quickly and drafted in plans to make their losses as small as possible. One thing they did was cut anything that wasn't making them enough profit. Reducing their operating costs was their next step, and they did it without greatly impacting their services. To finally get their operations back to making a profit they decided to use their code sharing agreements. The end result is they have been profitable every single fiscal quarter since the end of 2001.

Mesa Airlines has truly grown and has even expanded far more due to the development of the Mesa Air Group. Mesa and three accompanying transport services are all associated with the Air Group. This particular carrier not only spun a company where they exist as a contributory, but is quite fascinating for other reasons as w
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