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Mesa Airlines - A Peek Into Its Clever Business Practices

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines - A Peek Into Its Clever Business Practices

It would be quite easy to conceive a book on Mesa Airlines because this airline has a vast history that spans all the way from the 1980's. Just like any airline, new or established, they worked to expand and grow their fleet and service areas of operation. But it really was not until the events of 9/11 that Mesa took decisive control over their destiny. Even though the airline had to enter bankruptcy briefly, they have maintained profitable quarters each year since the end of 2001. The company's administration has certainly done a great job, and the company has done a lot to get where it is now.

Mesa Air Group, which includes Mesa Airlines, seeks to work with aspiring pilots and help them to earn their flying wings. The Mesa Pilot Development course is intended to give A-1 training sessions, plus obtaining documentation.

Arizona State University has connected with Mesa to gain a positive result. Pupils who go to Arizona State University and complete the four year term for their Bachelor degree will also receive the needed paperwork for the pilot's license. At that time, the candidate will be given what is called a "preferential interview" with the Mesa Air Group for the position of First Officer which means, the copilot.

When Mesa Airlines forged another partnership with another airline, United Express was born. This sort of deal is a way that airlines guarantee revenue, and it is a pretty standard practice in this industry. United Express has operations running from Chicago's O'Hare airport and the Washington-Dulles airport. They currently operate a number of Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft. United Express, and a number of other airlines, operate under the Mesa Group.

Mesa made the "go!" sub-brand so that it could work in the Hawaii area. Mesa had a hard time in this market though because of the other airlines. Mesa was sued by both Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Airlines due to supposed business practices that were not fair. This situation essentially involved unfair price cuts, and the company was directly blamed for the shutdown of Aloha Airlines in early spring of 2008. It certainly appears that the airline had a number of problems when during its time in Hawaii. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) investigated Mesa's aircrew policies in 2008 because a flight missed its destination apparently due to both of the pilots nodding off.

Mesa Airlines has truly grown and has even expanded far more due to the development of the Mesa Air Group. Mesa Airlines and three other air delivery services all operate under the Air Group. This is one of the more interesting regional carriers if not for the fact they have created an organization in which they exist as a subsidiary.
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