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Mesa Airlines - A Bright Future with New Beginnings

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Air Group's Profitable Deals

There is one facet of business that seems particular accurate in the aviation industry, and that is the strength and power of partnerships. In 1982, after just 2 years of Mesa Airlines starting their operations, they had already secured their first code share partnership. They carried on pursing more alliances to ensure they would expand, and this became a signature move by them. Even though Mesa are limited to the US, they have been offering their services in the industry for over three decades. In fact, they have had successively profitable quarters ever since the end of 2001. In this following article you will read about some fascinating facts about Mesa Airlines and the Mesa Air Group.

The Mesa Air Group is the parent company of Mesa Airlines, and it has additional fleets of regional carriers. The Mesa Group consists of almost three thousand aviation professionals, and they serve throughout the US. Mesa's assets include 87 planes that are continually running flights in the United States. Mesa has an astounding 465 departures happening everyday from 100 cities across the US, with flights also from Mexico and Canada. The revenue generated each year by the Air Group reaches over $1 billion, which is an amazing feat when you take into account Mesa Airlines’ background.

Mesa Airlines started from the humblest beginnings when they had only one lone aircraft that served two cities. By the end of the first ten years of business, they had 38 aircraft flying passengers to 63 cities in the US as a regional carrier. They also went public from a private corporation to being traded on the NASDAQ exchange. A code share deal was brokered between Mesa Airlines and Midwest Express airlines in the 80's. This deal let Mesa Airline grow by allowing them to run an operation from Milwaukee in Wisconsin. United Express was created thanks to a code sharing agreement between Mesa and United Airlines. It allowed United Express to run operations from Denver, Colorado.

Code shares and mergers are even harder to figure out with the smaller delivery outfits. Just an example of how the aviation industry handles such matters.

America West Airlines, an airline associated with Mesa, joined up with US Airways in 2005. Mesa is yet greatly tied in, due the code share deal with the US Airways Group. Given the other code share pact, Mesa is still involved as US Airways Express. All things considered, Mesa will be able to stay connected to the region through the rewarding business of transport.

Mesa Airlines has truly grown and has even expanded far more due to the development of the Mesa Air Group. Mesa and three accompanying transport services are all associated with the Air Group. This is one of the more interesting regional carriers if not for the fact they have created an organization in which they exist as a subsidiary.
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