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A Few Fascinating Facts About Mesa Airlines

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines - A Glowing Opportunity with Potential

It would be quite easy to conceive a book on Mesa Airlines because this airline has a vast history that spans all the way from the 1980's. They worked very hard to increase the number of planes they have and the number of services in operation, just like any airline has to. The destiny of the airline really took a turn after the shocking events of 9/11. Each quarter since December 2001 has been profitable for the company, despite them briefly going through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. The company has earned their wings through many battles, and their corporate leadership is perhaps as good as can be found anywhere.

This company, Mesa Airlines, is a US based regional carrier airline that is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Mesa Airlines is a part of the Mesa Group which is the parent company. The Air Group consists of a number of airlines each of which is a separate entity with their own fleet, livery location and distinct name. Mesa Airlines, go! and United Express are all names of airlines that work under the Mesa Air Group. The Hawaiian Islands have Mokulele operating for them. Mesa is very successful and it has a very strong history behind it that is rather diverse.

Mesa Airlines formed a partnership which eventually led to the creation of United Express. Revenue is guaranteed by doing code sharing deals like this, and it's a common practice in the industry. Bombardier CRJ700's are the aircraft of choice for United Express, and they have 2 hubs in Washington-Dulles airport and the O'Hare airport in Chicago. It is accurate to refer to United Express airline, and others in the Mesa Air Group, as sub-brands of Mesa.

The airline industry was put under a lot of strain after the events of 9/11. A number of airlines had to rush to get bankruptcy protection in the aftermath of the attacks. But Mesa Airlines was one step ahead and they had a few plans to try and minimize losses. Everything that was making them little profit was eliminated. Reducing their operating costs was their next step, and they did it without greatly impacting their services. To finally get their operations back to making a profit they decided to use their code sharing agreements. Since the end of 2001 they have been in profit for every fiscal quarter.

Mesa has not just profited, since the Mesa Group was created, but are doing quite well as result of. Mesa Airlines, plus three other aviation companies all function under Air Group. This is one of the more interesting regional carriers if not for the fact they have created an organization in which they exist as a subsidiary.
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