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Mesa Airlines - A Study in Diversity and Smart Business

Author: Dennis Reynolds

A Profitable Alliance for Mesa Airlines and The Mesa Air Group

One thing that remains unchanged in the aviation industry is the strong sense of power that partnerships have. In 1982, after just 2 years of Mesa Airlines starting their operations, they had already secured their first code share partnership. A 'trademark' move by Mesa was to enter more partnership deals, which would allow expansion of its business. They are only a regional carrier, however they have a lot of experience having served in this industry for a little over 30 years. Every single quarter has been profitable for Mesa since the end of 2001. Below are some very interesting facts about the Mesa Air Group.

Both Mesa Group and Mesa Airlines are part of the same company, so it's not uncommon to see the two names being used synonymously. Mesa Group are ready to get on with their operations despite only just emerging from bankruptcy this year. Chapter 11 bankruptcy was declared by them so that they were able to shift some planes that were no longer needed, in addition to reducing their debt. The amazing thing is that they were only in the bankruptcy period for roughly three months. That is perhaps the least amount of time any airline has spent in Chapter 11 bankruptcy court.

Mesa Airlines has allied airlines that are connected through the Mesa Air Group.

One such relative of Mesa is go! Mokulele which is a regional carrier providing service in the Hawaiian Islands. This affiliate owns a group of Bombardier CRJ 200 aircraft, which are centered in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mesa first formed "go!" in 2006, and then they secured a code share partnership with Mokulele Airlines. This step gave them a positive edge because they could offer flights to Hawaiian cities that could not handle jets.

With that Mesa decided to move some operations to Hawaii and so they created the "go!" brand. There have been some issues for Mesa in this market due to other airlines. The two airlines in question are Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Airlines, and there have been a series of lawsuits regarding unfair business practices on the part of Mesa. Mesa was accused of cutting their prices very low and it was actually blamed for the death of Aloha Airlines in spring 2008. The airline did have a number of issues with its Hawaiian operations. In February 2008, the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, investigated Mesa's policies for their aircrews after a scheduled flight overshot its destination because both pilots allegedly fell asleep.

Since the Mesa Air Group has been structured, Mesa Airlines have gained greatly. Air Group shelters not just Mesa Airlines, but three additional ones as well. This particular carrier not only spun a company where they exist as a contributory, but is quite fascinating for other reasons as w
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