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The Very Interesting History of Mesa Airlines

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines - A Glowing Opportunity with Potential

Mesa Airlines has a very interesting history that spans over three decades. In fact, you can say they have seen more transformations than most companies in any industry. That simply shows their sheer willingness to succeed in business. Mesa Airlines is sometimes used interchangeably with the Mesa Group which is a consortium of smaller airlines that includes Mesa Airlines. In 2011 Mesa Group had rebuilt their operations after declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company, due to being much leaner, is positioned to continue growing aggressively.

Mesa Airlines has its headquarters based in Phoenix, Arizona and it deals in US based flights. Mesa Airlines is a part of the Mesa Group which is the parent company. The Mesa Air Group is comprised of quite a few separate airlines and all of them run under their own entities as well as having their own unique name. For example, the Mesa Air Group provides air service as Mesa Airlines, United Express and the name - go! The Hawaiian Islands have Mokulele operating for them. Mesa has a very diverse history and they are continually making a profit. Mesa Airlines also has another name that it operates under, which is US Airways Express. This is because in 1997 it entered into another agreement, this time with US Airways. This sub-brand division of Mesa services about fourteen destinations in the United States. Phoenix Arizona and Charlotte, North Carolina are the main flight bases for US Airways Express. For this code share operation the air fleet consists of Bombardier CRJ200 and CRJ900 aircraft in addition to the Dash 8 aircraft. But in 2005 Mesa had to declare bankruptcy and this code share agreement wasn't kept.

Mesa got into an agreement with the well known airline United Airlines in 2003. This agreement allowed Mesa to form operations from a number of airports, including O'Hare airport in Chicago, Washington-Dulles and Denver. And so, from this new code share agreement, a brand new sub-brand was born: United Express Airlines. As of now, only Bombardier aircraft are being used in the United Express fleet. The end of 2009 bought the end of use for the Dash 8 aircraft, which was simply a decision the management wanted to make. In a few aspects, this is a very typical story of what happens to an airline with modest origins. In order to make an airline truly successful you must spend a lot of time on it. The profit margins of airlines are often much lower than most businesses would expect. The people behind creating airlines already know of and accept these rules before they take up this sort of task. Mesa's history reflects how any business has to respond to economic challenges and work with available industry resources to sustain profitability and expand.
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