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Mesa Airlines and The Mesa Air Group - A Profitable Partnership

Author: Dennis Reynolds

A Number of Intriguing Facts About Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines took their one-aircraft company to a fleet of sixty aircraft in just ten short years. In order to make affirmative changes to the airline, they spent the majority of the 80's making improvements.

Their determination was rewarded in the 90's with valuable opportunities afforded for greater growth. Mesa Airlines is not so unusual; they just took advantage of the moment. Let's take a comprehensive approach to Mesa Airlines and realize there is much to appreciate.

This company, Mesa Airlines, is a US based regional carrier airline that is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Mesa Airlines and the Mesa Air Group are the same company run by the same people. Each airline that is a part of the Mesa Air Group is totally separate from Mesa Airlines, as they each have unique characteristics, like their own distinct name and their own headquarters. Just by way of example, the Mesa Air Group has services under the names of go!, United Express and Mesa Airlines. Mokulele is the service that runs in the Hawaiian Islands. Mesa has a very diverse history and they are continually making a profit. US Airways Express is another name that Mesa Airlines operates through. This is because in 1997 it entered into another agreement, this time with US Airways. This division of Mesa goes out to around 14 different destinations in the USA. US Airways Express has two main hubs, which are Phoenix Arizona and Charlotte, North Carolina. For this code share operation the air fleet consists of Bombardier CRJ200 and CRJ900 aircraft in addition to the Dash 8 aircraft. However, in 2005, Mesa was in bankruptcy court and this particular code share agreement with US Airways was not reaffirmed.

The minor transport services are even more challenging, when you try to understand the code shares and unions. This is the usual practice in the aviation trade.

In 2005, an airline related to Mesa, America West Airlines, completed a merger with US Airways. Mesa is yet greatly tied in, due the code share deal with the US Airways Group. Given the other code share pact, Mesa is still involved as US Airways Express. Ultimately, this enables Mesa to continue serving the area with a dependable, beneficial delivery business. Mesa Airlines is a typical success story of a new airline that has a humble start. As you can imagine, it takes time to develop and expand an airline business. Profits aren't always so great in this industry, and it's very responsive to business cycles. But the pioneers who do this accept these conditions before they start. Sustaining growth of a business and the profits are very important when faced with rough economic times, however Mesa's history shows how it should be done.
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