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Interesting Facts About Mesa Airlines

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines’ Long and Eventful History

Mesa Airlines has a very interesting history that spans over three decades. In fact, you can say they have seen more transformations than most companies in any industry. That simply shows their sheer willingness to succeed in business. Sometimes Mesa Airlines and the Mesa Group are used reciprocally, and the Mesa Group is simply a chain of smaller airlines, including Mesa Airlines. The Group has managed to resume their operations despite going bankrupt just before. The company, due to being much leaner, is positioned to continue growing aggressively.

In 1980 Mesa Airlines were created by Larry and Jane Risley as a division of a company called JB Aviation. The airline changed its name to Mesa Air Shuttle, in 1982, and operated out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the next five years. After moving everything over to their main base in Phoenix, Arizona they went looking for code sharing partners. Most major and minor airlines still share code agreements and it's a very common practice within the airline industry. Mesa finally entered into a code share agreement with America West Airlines in 1992 and continued moving forward.

Mesa Airlines started from the humblest beginnings when they had only one lone aircraft that served two cities. By the end of the first ten years of business, they had 38 aircraft flying passengers to 63 cities in the US as a regional carrier. They also began to trade on the stock exchange as they changed from a private company to a public one. A code sharing agreement was reached between Mesa and Midwest Express by the end of the 1980's. This allowed Mesa to spread its wings and serve people flying out of Milwaukee in Wisconsin. United Express was created thanks to a code sharing agreement between Mesa and United Airlines. It allowed United Express to run operations from Denver, Colorado.

Sometimes it can get confusing when trying to keep track of all the code shares and mergers among airlines, especially smaller regional carriers. This is how commerce is handled with an aviation firm.

America West Airlines, an airline allied with Mesa, blended with US Airways. Mesa is somewhat coupled with the US Airways Group due to the code share contract. Given the other code share pact, Mesa is still involved as US Airways Express. At long last, Mesa is allowed to maintain its lucrative commercial delivery service.

Due to the formation of the Mesa Air Group, Mesa Airlines has not just developed, they have excelled. Mesa Airlines and three other air delivery services all operate under the Air Group. This particular carrier not only spun a company where they exist as a contributory, but is quite fascinating for other reasons as w
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