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A Successful Partnership With Mesa Airlines and The Mesa Air Group

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines - Diverse Business Methods That Work

Mesa Airlines is a story of struggle and survival which is really not all that unusual for an airline. There are a number of airlines that have faced problems that are similar. Most of the airlines failed to overcome the hardships and only a few survived. Mesa's use of leverage is why they are not the same as the other companies. All that this refers to is the willingness of the company to create partnerships with other companies in the industry. The outcome of this fearless approach to business is the ability to weather the ups and downs of economic times. Mesa Airlines has some interesting facts behind it, which you can read about below.

When you read about Mesa Airlines, you will find that name used synonymously with the Mesa Group, even though Mesa Airlines is an actual airline and they are related. In March of this year Mesa Group came forth from bankruptcy, yet they are now poised to resume services. The reasons for them declaring bankruptcy was so that they could scale down the size of their fleet and pay off some of their debt. However the interesting thing is that the bankruptcy proceedings only took 3 months. The short amount of time they spent in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy court may actually be the least ever spent by an airline.

Mesa Airlines formed a partnership which eventually led to the creation of United Express. This is another example of a code share with guaranteed revenue, and this is fairly standard in the airline industry. Bombardier CRJ700's are the aircraft of choice for United Express, and they have 2 hubs in Washington-Dulles airport and the O'Hare airport in Chicago. It is accurate to refer to United Express airline, and others in the Mesa Air Group, as sub-brands of Mesa.

So, Mesa Airlines moved to Hawaii and created a new airline called "go!". There have been some issues for Mesa in this market due to other airlines. The airlines that created problems for Mesa were Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Airlines, which decided to file a number of lawsuits against Mesa because of unfair business methods. Mesa was accused of cutting their prices very low and it was actually blamed for the death of Aloha Airlines in spring 2008. It certainly appears that the airline had a number of problems when during its time in Hawaii. A Mesa Airways flight overshot its scheduled destination because both of the pilots had fallen asleep, so in 2008 the airline was investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Mesa Airlines is a typical success story of a new airline that has a humble start. To develop and create a successful airline business it takes a lot of time, as you can probably imagine. This industry is especially reactive to business cycles, also, profit margins are often not as wide as any business would prefer. But the pioneers who do this accept these conditions before they start. Mesa's past certainly shows how any type of business must react when faced with economic difficulties, and use all of the resources available to them to ensure a profitable business and growth.
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