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Mesa Airlines - A Dazzling Prospect with Creative Innovations

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines - An Airline That Has Some Clever Business Solutions

Partnerships hold a lot of power, in particular you see this in the aviation industry. Mesa quickly caught on and within two years of starting their operations Mesa Airlines already had a code share agreement in place. A 'trademark' move by Mesa was to enter more partnership deals, which would allow expansion of its business. They are only a regional carrier, however they have a lot of experience having served in this industry for a little over 30 years. Mesa have turned a profit in every quarter since the end of the year 2001. Here we have some intriguing information regarding Mesa Airlines.

Technically, Mesa Airlines is a subsidiary of the Mesa Air Group, which is a chain of carriers in the US. The number of aviation personnel working for the Mesa Group is at a little under three thousand people. The number of aircraft they have is at 87, and they fly between multiple destinations in the USA. This also includes Hawaii. Each day there are 465 operations running from roughly 100 cities, which include two non-US locations: Canada and Mexico. The revenue generated each year by the Air Group reaches over $1 billion, which is an amazing feat when you take into account Mesa Airlines’ background. For nearly 10 years there were at least 8 airliners as part of the Mesa Airlines group. Other airlines worked with Mesa because of code share agreements. A code share is simply a legal agreement, between two different airlines, in which they provide service for each others' passengers when necessary. Of course there are revenue splits when this occurs. Acquisitions and mergers are quite common due to code sharing. Mesa Airlines’ first code share happened only two years after setting up.

What happened on 9/11 caused a massive amount of strain to hit the airline industry. A few months after 9/11, a number of airlines had to seek bankruptcy protection. However, Mesa Airlines sprang into action with a series of moves designed to control and contain losses. They decided to get rid of everything that wasn't making them profit. Then they reduced costs wherever possible but did not adversely impact their operations. Their final step was to use their code sharing agreements to work their way back up to making a profit. Their end result has been profit for every fiscal quarter since the end of 2001. Mesa Airlines is in some ways a typical story of an idea for an airline that starts from very humble beginnings. As you most likely know, building an airline and taking it to new heights requires plenty of time. Profits aren't always so great in this industry, and it's very responsive to business cycles. These conditions are accepted by those people who wish to create airlines. What Mesa Airlines has done in its past is a wonderful example of how businesses should respond to economic problems to ensure both future growth and profitability.
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