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Mesa Airlines’ Long and Interesting History

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Air Group's Profitable Deals

Mesa Airlines has a very colorful history going back over thirty years. Well, you could certainly argue that this company has been through more than most other companies. But that also attests to their resiliency and sheer determination to succeed. Mesa Airlines is included in the Mesa Group, which contains many other smaller airlines. Mesa Group declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy however as of 2011 they have reorganized their activities. Mesa Airlines has become leaner now and it's more ready to keep on growing.

Mesa Airlines is a part of Mesa Group and you can use the name interchangeably, so if you read about Mesa Group it means Mesa Airlines. Mesa Group are ready to get on with their operations despite only just emerging from bankruptcy this year. The reasons for them declaring bankruptcy was so that they could scale down the size of their fleet and pay off some of their debt. However the interesting thing is that the bankruptcy proceedings only took 3 months. The short amount of time they spent in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy court may actually be the least ever spent by an airline. Mesa Airlines comprised of around eight or more different airlines for nine years. The airline employed skillful use of code share agreements with other airlines. A code share is a legally binding agreement where two airlines agree to assist each other when one needs the others help with picking up passengers. Of course, from this they must split revenue. Acquisitions and mergers are quite common due to code sharing. After two years from initially entering the business, Mesa Airlines decided to agree to their first code share.

Most people know of United Airlines, and Mesa struck a deal with this big airline in 2003. The meaning of this code share was to let Mesa Airlines spark up services running from a few new airports, like O'Hare in Chicago and Denver. And so, from this new code share agreement, a brand new sub-brand was born: United Express Airlines. As of now, only Bombardier aircraft are being used in the United Express fleet. The end of 2009 bought the end of use for the Dash 8 aircraft, which was simply a decision the management wanted to make.

Mesa has not just profited, since the Mesa Group was created, but are doing quite well as result of. Air Group shelters not just Mesa Airlines, but three additional ones as well. This is one of the more interesting regional carriers if not for the fact they have created an organization in which they exist as a subsidiary.
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