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Mesa Airlines - A Brilliant Outlook with Positive Attributes

Author: Dennis Reynolds

The Long History of Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines’ history is dotted with lots of struggles but that isn't too unfamiliar to airlines. There are a number of airlines that have faced problems that are similar. A few have managed to survive, however lots of them have failed. Mesa gives us a perfect example of using leverage though, which sets them aside from other companies. That simply refers to the fact they are willing to form alliances and partnerships - they network with other industry giants. Thanks to this approach they have been able to ride the choppy sea of unpredictable economic times. Below are some very interesting facts about Mesa Airlines.

If you're reading about Mesa Airlines you'll undoubtedly see the name Mesa Group spring up as well and they are both related. Only recently this year did the Mesa Group come out of bankruptcy, however they are now ready to continue their operations. The reasons for them declaring bankruptcy was so that they could scale down the size of their fleet and pay off some of their debt. What is amazing is they were in bankruptcy proceedings for only about three months. Astonishingly this is most likely the smallest amount of time an airline has ever had to need in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy court. From 1989 to 1998 Mesa Airlines had around eight separate airlines. The airline employed skillful use of code share agreements with other airlines. You may be wondering what a code share is, well all it is a deal between a number of airlines where they must help one another out by providing services to each other’s passengers when needed. Whenever this occurs the airlines must split profits. Acquisitions and mergers are quite common due to code sharing. Mesa Airlines entered their first code share just two years after getting started in business.

Mesa got into an agreement with the well known airline United Airlines in 2003. The meaning of this code share was to let Mesa Airlines spark up services running from a few new airports, like O'Hare in Chicago and Denver. And so, from this new code share agreement, a brand new sub-brand was born: United Express Airlines. As of now, only Bombardier aircraft are being used in the United Express fleet. In late 2009, the Dash 8 aircraft were terminated from service, officially, which was just an option exercised. Mesa Airlines is in some ways a typical story of an idea for an airline that starts from very humble beginnings. As you can imagine, it takes time to develop and expand an airline business. This industry is especially reactive to business cycles, also, profit margins are often not as wide as any business would prefer. But those are the conditions which are accepted by airline pioneers who embark on this kind of challenge. Mesa's past certainly shows how any type of business must react when faced with economic difficulties, and use all of the resources available to them to ensure a profitable business and growth.
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