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Mesa Airlines - The Long and Winding Road

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines’ Long and Eventful History

Airlines aren't strangers to problems so it's no surprise to hear that Mesa Airlines’ history is littered with struggles. There are others that have encountered similar hardships. Most of the airlines failed to overcome the hardships and only a few survived. But Mesa is rather different from these other airlines because they used leverage. All that this refers to is the willingness of the company to create partnerships with other companies in the industry. By doing this they can hold out during times of economic trouble. In the following article you'll find some fascinating information regarding Mesa Airlines.

Mesa Airlines runs under the Mesa Air Group, which has a number of regional carriers under its belt. The Mesa Group has around three thousand air industry professionals serving in the US. Their assets consist of 87 airliners, operating to many US destinations, including the Hawaii islands. Each day there are 465 operations running from roughly 100 cities, which include two non-US locations: Canada and Mexico. The revenue generated each year by the Air Group reaches over $1 billion, which is an amazing feat when you take into account Mesa Airlines’ background. From 1989 to 1998 Mesa Airlines had around eight separate airlines. Mesa Airlines was smart to use code sharing agreements with the other airlines. A code share is a legally binding agreement where two airlines agree to assist each other when one needs the others help with picking up passengers. Profits have to be shared when this happens. A lot of the time code sharing leads to acquisitions and mergers between airlines. Mesa Airlines’ first code share happened only two years after setting up.

Sometimes it can get confusing when trying to keep track of all the code shares and mergers among airlines, especially smaller regional carriers. But this is just the way business operates in the aviation industry.

In 2005, an airline connected to Mesa, America West Airlines, joined with US Airways. But Mesa is still heavily involved since they are still under a code share agreement with the US Airways Group. Mesa remains as US Airways Express nevertheless, in view of yet another code share deal. All things considered, Mesa will be able to stay connected to the region through the rewarding business of transport. In a few aspects, this is a very typical story of what happens to an airline with modest origins. As you can probably tell, it takes a lot of time and effort to build up an airline business. The profit margins of airlines are often much lower than most businesses would expect. These conditions are accepted by those people who wish to create airlines. Sustaining growth of a business and the profits are very important when faced with rough economic times, however Mesa's history shows how it should be done.
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