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Mesa Air Group's Profitable Deals

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Mesa Airlines and The Mesa Air Group - A Profitable Partnership

Mesa Airlines’ story is one of hardships and challenges, which really isn't too uncommon when it comes to airlines. There are a number of airlines that have faced problems that are similar. A handful have coped with them, but a great number have succumbed to the hardships. Mesa is quite unique compared to different companies because they used leverage. What this means is they are willing to create alliances with some of the big players in the industry. By doing this they can hold out during times of economic trouble. In the following article you'll find some fascinating information regarding Mesa Airlines.

Mesa Air Group, which includes Mesa Airlines, seeks to work with aspiring pilots and help them to earn their flying wings. The Mesa Pilot Development program is designed to provide a first class education including appropriate certifications.

Mesa has a partnership agreement with Arizona State University to work toward that end. Students attending Arizona State, after achieving a four year Bachelor degree, will also have earned the required pilot documents. Hence, the hopeful will have a special meeting with the Mesa Air Group for the rank of First Officer, otherwise known as the copilot.

Mesa Airlines has a very humble origin, as they only had one aircraft in the beginning that just operated between two cities. The company grew, and by the end of the first ten years of being in business they had expanded to a fleet of 38 aircraft taking people to 63 US cities. They went from a corporation that was private to one that was public, and they started trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The end of the 1980s saw a code share agreement and partnership with Midwest Express Airlines. This deal let Mesa Airline grow by allowing them to run an operation from Milwaukee in Wisconsin. Mesa obtained a very valuable code sharing partnership with United Airlines, letting them create United Express which let them fly out of Denver, Colorado.

Mesa made the "go!" sub-brand so that it could work in the Hawaii area. Because of other airlines Mesa has had a few issues in this market. The airlines in question were Aloha Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. They filed lawsuits in regards to Mesa's unfair business practices. Mesa was accused of cutting their prices very low and it was actually blamed for the death of Aloha Airlines in spring 2008. The airline did have a number of issues with its Hawaiian operations. In the beginning of 2008 the Federal Aviation Administration did an investigation into Mesa's aircrew policies due to a scheduled flight overshooting its destination because of the two pilots apparently falling asleep.

The Chapter 11 proceedings ended in March 2011, and when Mesa arrived out of it their financial situation was very good. Mesa's services have continued to turn a profit for the company as their services reach all over the US. Key managers have been bought back into the company because of their experiences with Mesa.
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