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Eco Friendly Home Improvement Tips

Author: Dennis Reynolds

Eco Friendly Home Improvement Tips

People tend to use methods that are considered environmentally friendly, or "green", when they are planning home improvements. Not only is this sort of thinking good for the environment, it's also good for your bank balance as you'll be using less energy, thus reducing your bills. In the following article you will read about some green tips that you can apply in your home to make it better.

Usually the large appliances in your home use up the most power, so replacing them is essential if you want to make some big changes. The main culprits are your washer, dryer and refrigerator. The newest models use energy efficiently which is why you should consider replacing any older models you have. If you decide to purchase a new fridge make sure you get one with no frills because all the extra features will use up more power. In regards to washing machines and tumble dryers, your best bet is to buy a combo unit because they don't use up too much space and they don't use as much energy. This will look better as well as reduce your energy costs.

Providing that you are foreseeing a change in flooring, you might think about taking out your old floors and putting in environmentally friendly floors like cork or bamboo. Bamboo is similar to many more traditional wood floors, but it's considered more environmentally friendly because bamboo is not endangered as many other types of wood are. Another great option is cork floor covering, and it can give you wonderful insulation and can also be very attractive. Cork trees don't need to be chopped down since only the bark is used which is an advantage to the environment. Alternatively, stone or ceramic tiled flooring are green and another option. If you prefer carpeting, this can be environmentally friendly as well which means they are better for you. Carpets that use natural fibers are less likely to cause problems such as allergic reactions.

Making green advancements in your dwelling is possible in every room and that includes the room you sleep in. The selection of your mattress as a model, could be made with natural materials like all natural latex. Likewise, chemically free bedding can be a choice. Many typical bedding products contain formaldehyde, which is a harsh chemical that's also harmful to the environment. People who struggle with sensitivity may find that when their mattresses, sheets and blankets are made of all natural materials, they sleep better. Green options can be healthier for you and your entire family. By all means it is possible to create other parts of your room eco-friendly, from the walls to the flooring.

As you decide on different green additions to your home you'll find that it's much easier than you initially thought. In a few ways things will actually become less difficult because you will be more independent and you'll have cut some of your bills.
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