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Studying English Online

Author: Armando Aguilar

Having a hard time finding English courses online? I have created a website that offers private online English lessons. When I browse the net for English websites, I find that there are thousands of people online trying to make a buck teaching English online. Every time I find a website that offers some type of online English learning, it frustrates me because I know that half the people there probably don’t even know enough about English to teach it. For this reason, I have created my website. North American English . Net.

What exactly is North American English? First created in 2011, North American English . net set out to help students of other languages improve their English speaking skills. After scheduling a class, you will have a lesson plan built to satisfy your unique needs. You will first need to schedule an interview so that we can meet. The meeting will be brief but it is needed so that we can decide if we can help each other or not. After a successful interview, I will build a lesson plan structured around your needs. The initial interview is of course; free of charge. One of the greatest benefits is you will not have the hassle of picking 4 or 5 different teachers, as you will have only one with NorthAmericanEnglish.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope to hear from you soon!

North American English
I am a certified English teacher to speakers of other languages.
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